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Last updated Wednesday September 14 2005

"Haven't heard about his plans for next year, but Arvydas, if this was it, thank you. Game 7 was a joy to watch."  

-- SLAM MAGAZINE, August 2003            


07 Sept 2005 - A Sabonis Return?! (Rumor) -- According to, Arvydas Sabonis is planning to return to play for Zalgiris in the Lithuanian League this next season, however he won't participate in the EuroLeague. According to SporTime sources, Sabonis will travel to Italy and the US to work out and get in shape again. Discuss here...

OcToBeR 03 2003 - Demented Update Day for all you Sabonites!

There's a nice tribute to Sabas on NBA.COM that i've known about for a few days and apologize for not passing it along earlier.  Thanks much to all the folks at Interbasket (and Aidis) for the heads up on it.

Check out Everything Sabonis, a new Sabonis site by EPadfield!  She has great conTenT going on over there with many a photo i've never seen.  Updates abound there.  This lady is the Demented Fan From Kansas.  :)

And don't forget to stop by my new discussion board dedicated to international basketball players,   You can talk Sabonis there, Yao Ming, Dirk, Manu, Nene, Peja, Nash...  give it shot, you won't regret it.


September 3, 2003

As promised in the past, I am proud and at the same time, exhausted to announce the new Sabonis forum -!  But WAIT, there's more!  If you act now, this discussion board will include forums for all your favorite international basketball players! That's right!  Not only can you talk about Arvydas Sabonis in it's own personal space, but you can do so with Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, Yao Ming, Emanuel Ginobili + many more.

ACT NOW, Click here and register, it's free!



August 21, 2003 - Arvydas Sabonis Takes Over Zalgiris

Sabonis to take control of Kaunas Zalgiris  From The Baltic Times

VILNIUS – Legendary basketball player Arvydas Sabonis will hold a controlling stake in the Kaunas Zalgiris club after buying a 42.5 percent stake from the chairman of the club.

Mindaugas Plukas, chairman of the Sabonis Zalgiris Basketball Center, announced on the club’s Web site that he intended to sell his stake to Sabonis.
“I want to inform the basketball community that I decided to sell my shares in Sabonis Zalgiris Basketball Center to Sabonis,” he said.

“The decision was determined by particular circumstances,” he explained, adding that Zalgiris couldn’t compete with other professional basketball teams whose budgets exceeded Zalgiris’ by ten times.

Plukas admitted that the club has had budget difficulties in recent years.

Recently it was announced that Sabonis, 38, will not return to Portland next year – which would have meant $7 million if he had decided to stay on. He played in the NBA for 7 years.

Although no confirmation has been made, there are rumors that Sabonis will play next year for Zagiris, where he started his career. Lithuania’s best basketball player has stated in the past that he would like to end his career in the same place he began it.

According to Plukas, Sabonis’ return to Kaunas would be a monument event not only for Lithuanian, but for European basketball as well.

                  THANKS to Marius for the tip and the translation! 

" ...So today's 'Respublika' issue has all the hottest news about Sabas and 'Zalgiris'. 'Lietuvos Rytas', on the other hand, could only get crumbles, and their today's article is only speaking about some hazy 'rumours' ... The two papers really don't like each other, BTW :). There was a real war between them during the latest finals of LKL (Lithuanian Basketball League) between 'Zalgiris' and 'Lietuvos Rytas'... "

Respublika:  Could you once and for all deny all the speculations and say
straightly whether you'll the next season for "Zalgiris?
Arvydas Sabonis:   I know that I will certainly play. It there isn't any injury during
the preparation for the season.

R:  Word has it that you've started to train ...
AS:   We played with friends for a couple of days, I made some running.  I need to get the rhythm again, so that I can rejoin the team for training later on. I've been doing nothing for three months. It's not easy getting into the rhythm again, when you're of such an age.

R:  Mindaugas Plukas passes his stake in Zalgiris to you. Does he sell them? Or gives them as a present?
AS:  Most of the shares are being passed over for a symbolic fee. Maybe, not all. We'll handle all the paperwork in a couple of days.

R:  So now the biggest part of the club's problems will lie on your shoulders?
AS:   First of all, we need to clear up the financial situation, to normalise the internal workings of the club. There are debts dragging for several years now. We'll go and make contacts, search for possibilities, negotiate -- will try to bring "Zalgiris" to the shape that it has to be in. Of course, one cannot do it in a year. We'll try to start the rise to the top again.

R:  What is your vision of "Zalgiris"?
AS:   I have travelled much and seen many basketball clubs. "Zalgiris" is one of the oldest not only in Lithuania, but in Europe as well. The team does not have its basis. There are initial works begun - a school, administration with professional staff. But one needs a basis,
a reverse. All of this has be be created. And this won't happen quickly. Nothing happens quickly. We'll rise gradually.

R:   Is the club seriously indebted?
AS:   I don't know the figures, but there are debts. They are left over from the time when "Zalgiris" won the Euroleague. So this trail is following the club ...

R:  When did you finally make up your mind not to play for the National Team? During the summer, you were not saying that you won't play.
AS:   I didn't say anything to anybody. Journalists wrote loads of various stuff. I stopped playing for the NT in after 1999. Now it is the year 2003. I'm 38 year old.  Soon will be turning 39. How can I help the NT? I can play one or two matches. But I can't make 7 matches
in 10 days.

R: But if Zydrunas Ilgauskas would have agreed to play for the NT?  You'd have joined in as well?
AS:  If the old lady had the balls ... Then she'd be an old gentleman. Of course, it's a pity that everything is like it is. But there are reasons for that. Ilgauskas himself is like on a razor blade - no one knows what can happen to him during a match.  But if he played for the NT, this would be a complete set.

R:  Including you?
AS:  I don't consider myself a part of the set. There are players beside me in Lithuania who can sit on the bench or go and play for five minutes. I'm such a player as well. Anyway - there are young powerful guys out there with lots health and energy.  They can run and do things when it's needed and the way it's needed.

R: How would you explain to the people who cannot understand such a thing - Sabonis forwent 7 million USD offered by "Trail Blazers", and instead goes to play for "Zalgiris" almost for free?
AS:  For free? Well, I hope to get some sort of salary.

R: But it's not comparable to 7 million ...
AS:  I had kind of ended my career and said it's enough. Then I played for one more year. The next year could have been in Portland again. Anyway, everything converges into one thing - one has to make up one's mind. While I'm still riding the wave, while someone says hello to me, recognises me, I have to use it and do something for "Zalgiris".  When no one will say hello and will forget - then it's harder to do something for the team. Come on, "Zalgiris" has such a history, and now finds itself in such a position - it's embarassing. It makes you want to change something.

R: The spectators are hoping - Arvydas will join in, and it will rain victories ...
AS:  I will help with whatever I can. In the previous season, there was already a decent team. I don't imagine myself playing for 30 minutes.  Or maybe I can do that. All will depend on the injuries as well.


August 15, 2003 - Terminator 3, this ones for real.

It's getting official isn't it?  My small hopes are being crushed...

Link ->
Blazers terminate Sabonis' contract

Whats the next step, you ask?

You mean after Steps
1. "Denial", 2. "Bargaining", 3. "Anger" and 4. "Despair"?

Well, I don't know where you guys are at, but the next rung for me is Step 5, "Acceptance" which i'll have to hold off on. For me, full closure will only come when Big Red officially retires and unfortunately, thats not within my personal realm of control.

Knowing Sabonis, there's great probability that he'll wait until October 20th, sign the papers, and leave a voicemail on Herb Rudoy's cell saying something like "I'm retired from the NBA, I talkto you in 6 months..." 

I'm sure the news will eventually make its way to me right as the 2003-04 NBA season starts...

...until then, i'll be hanging out somewhere in between "Anger" and "Despair"


August 12, 2003 9:00am PST-
Major News Outlets Say Sabonis Reportedly Done with NBA...

Just some links confirming Sabas' alleged departure... -Sabonis calls it quits.
ESPN - Sabonis reportedly rejects $7 million deal
KATU - Sabonis won't return to Portland

Unlike the "scare" we had about 2-3 months ago, many of the major news outlets here are picking up on this one. This one looks like the real deal.

It may be very well that Arvydas Sabonis is finally calling it quits with the NBA. Prepare yourselves, I have a feeling this one is it.

Check our forum for all he latest and thoughts from Sabonis fans around the globe.

If this is it Big Red, its been a huge pleasure watching you play.


August 11, 2003 6:30PM PST- Is Arvydas Sabonis Done?

Local Radio Station announces that Arvydas Sabonis' tenure as a Portland TrailBlazer will come to an end... ?!

According to a local Portland radio station, 910 "The Fan", Arvydas Sabonis will not return to the Portland Trailblazers this year.  Further cementing his NBA retirement, Sabas' agent apparently confirmed that he will not fly to Portland for a physical either.

Stay Tuned.

Link to posting, thanks to Trader Bob for breaking the news...


June 16, 2003  The Work Machine!

Hey all.  Being the premier Sabonis presence on the net has it's benefits; bragging rights, points of pride when I am depressed and fellow fanatics sending in their hard work.

This time, a clip of the now famous Sabonis behind-the-head feed to Bonzi Wells.  With much thanks going out to "The Work Machine"  Check it out and click here.

You know it must be a great pass when it wasn't even converted for a basket.


OUR TURN: Take Action: Bring back Sabonis--at least one more year! Please!!!

Thursday June 05, 2003

We can't expect to sit around waiting for the decision to be made without our input, can we?  Heck no!  Janis a.k.a. Crazy Fan From Idaho, has a great idea- a grassroots internet email assault!  Lets help in the big guy's decision making process letting him know that the Sabas Network is in favor of ONE MORE YEAR WITH THE BLAZERS!

So read the message below and do your part, this is your chance to get your voice heard!



To:  All Arvydas Sabonis Fans [emails witheld]
From:  Crazy Fan From Idaho
Subject:  Time for action, Sabonis fans!!!!!........
Date:  June 4, 2003 17:56PM

Time for an email blitz to all the interested parties involved, so that we can get Sabonis back. Who knows if it will do any good, but it isn't going to decrease his chances of coming back.

Here is a list of addresses to send your
"Bring back Sabonis--at least one more year!!! Please!!!!!!!!" notes to:

BLAZERS:  Here's the address for fan mail - You can send one to Sabonis urging him to return, to Cheeks urging him to do everything possible to get Sabonis to return, to Whitsitt, to PA, and to anyone else you can think of.

Click here to email Sabonis through Blazer's fanmail.

Here's the one for general feedback......"If you have a compliment, a concern, question or just a suggestion." -

Click here for general feedback, this is definitely a concern!

ZALGIRIS: (They don't really need him this season, do they????)

Click here to email Zalgiris (the team in which Sabas is reportedly leaving for)

INTERPERFORMANCES: This is the agency that handles Sabonis. He has several agents, but Herb Rudoy and Arturo Ortega seem to be the main ones.

Herb Rudoy--his American agent:  Click here to email
Herb Rudoy

Arturo Ortega--his Spanish agent: Click here to email
Arturo Ortega

Sabonis Fans JEGA!!!!!!!!!

- Crazy Fan From Idaho



  BREAKING NEWS: Arvydas Sabonis misunderstood?

Wednesday JUNE 4 2003 9:30AM PST
Was Sabas misunderstood at his news conference? Join us in the Sabonis soap Opera.

Ok, what are the chances that Arvydas was misunderstood at his press conference?

And subsquently misquoted in a couple of interviews?

Or perhaps the translations all went bad? What are the chances of that?

Who knows?

I don't anymore.

Read below and you be the judge... thanks to ABM for the heads up.

link to article

Arvydas Sabonis isn't ruling out a return to the Trail Blazers next season, his Chicago-based agent, Herb Rudoy, said Tuesday.

The Euroleague's official Web site reported last week that Sabonis announced he will play for Zalgiris, the team in Kaunas, Lithuania, that he co-owns next season. But Rudoy said the center has not made up his mind, that the message got misinterpreted in the translation.

Rudoy had not spoken to Sabonis as of Tuesday afternoon, but a colleague in Spain had.

"All I know is (Sabonis) told my Spanish partner (Arturo Ortega) that he did not say he's retiring (from the NBA)," Rudoy said. "All he said is at some point he'd like to play in Kaunas..."

(shrugs shoulders)



Arvydas Sabonis: " ...enough of Americas for me, it's time to help "Zalgiris" next season... "

Preliminary reports from overseas say that Aryvdas Sabonis was in Kaunas, Lithuania Tuesday morning and held a news conference at 11am Lithuania time. At this meeting with the Kaunas City Council, Sabas reportedly promised Zalgiris (the team in which he is part owner) that he will join them for this coming season.

As more news and condolences pours in from Lithuanians, Italians, and other Sabonis fans around the world, it looks as if Arvydas Sabonis, in all probablility, is done with his NBA career. I say this because he has a long-standing promise to his countrymen that he will suit up one last time for Zalgiris before retiring.

And Sabas is, if nothing else, a man of his word

With that, this isn't looking good for American fans of Arvydas Sabonis.

Please check in with our forum to keep with the absolute latest on this. I will do my best to keep you updated throughout the day.


THURSDAY MAY 29 2003 11:15am PST
Here is the transcript, translated from Lithuanian, of what Sabonis had to say during the aformentioned news conference. (Thanks much to Marius Nevedomskas at our forum)

-- start of transcript --

Arvydas Sabonis: "Most honoured members of the Council,

Today I'd like to address you like old friends - simply "Dear Kaunas pals!" - because I've got a reason for that.

I came back to my city after some longer break, and everything seems so nice and lovely to me here. Though I know that not everyone is having it easy here these days ...

Me, as always - I'd like to talk about the thing that I've devoted my life to, which is nearest to my heart, which I know best. I guess there's no need to explain what I have in mind.

This year I came back to Kaunas in an especially good mood: the wheather is gorgeous, the gardens are all in bloom, and fish will hopefully bite well. But most importantly - things have started to turn better for "Zalgiris". You see the everyday matters of our basketball day in day out and know better than me. I just spot bigger chances from afar. And I'm especially glad that changes did come this year, and almost all of them are good.

It is a pity I couldn't shake hands to all the champions of the Lithuanian Basketball League - many of them are away from Kaunas right now. But the most important thing is that "Zalgiris" not only survived this season which has been very tough for a number of reasons - the team also managed to settle in a rather assured way the bills with Vilnius for former grievances. The "Zalgiris", as they played in Lithuanian Basketball League and Euroleague after the New Year, could have done much not only in Lithuania but also in Europe. It's a pity, of course, that all things hit the right track somewhat too late, but good foundation has been laid for the future, so there'll be victories in Europe. And maybe - quite soon.

I think I'll have a chance to meet all the guys from "Zalgiris" later and thank them. Well today, I'd like to take this chance and sincerely thank you, my dear Kaunas pals - members of the Council and all the citizens of our city - for taking the decision to help our basketballers, for sharing their grievances and joys.

When I remember my times, I can only envy the present "Zalgiris". Today it is really the team of all our city - KAUNAS. And the victories of "Zalgiris" - presently and in the future - are victories of all Kaunas people, and not just one club!

Your decision to help "Zalgiris" and to take a direct part in life of the club was of extreme importance not only because of objective financial strains which arose not because of the club. This decision has become also a very serious guarantee of the club's future. I learnt from the Euroleague boss Jordi Bertomeu himself that he was greatly impressed by the pledge of Kaunas City and Kaunas District to support "Zalgiris" for several years and by the serious considerations concerning the construction of a new international-level sporting arena over here. These commitments of yours greatly contributed to the decision of Euroleague to include "Zalgiris" into the list of 16 most important European clubs. All these clubs will have long-term guarantees to participate in Euroleague. I am sure that your generous decision to help the team, which represents our city, will be remembered with gratefulness for long years by all the fans of basketball.

I thank you for all you've done, and from my part would like to prompt you not only to continue this co-operation, but also to search for other possible ways to support "Zalgiris" and the youth basketball school which prepares the next generation of basketballers: maybe to encourage some sponsors, maybe to expedite the construction of sporting facilities.

To wind up, I'd like to say a couple of words personally from me. I don't like being in debt for long time. After what you've done and - I'm sure - will do for the team, I feel that it's time that I contributed to the revival of "Zalgiris" in Europe. So ... I thought for some time and I reckoned - enough of Americas for me, it's time to help "Zalgiris" next season. A decent team has been built, if it's strengthened somewhat, we could make quite a nice showing in Euroleague. Together, we can really do much.

Thank you all again!"

-- end transcript --

Again, I will try and keep you informed as much as I can. It seems as if the U.S. media hasn't quite caught on as of yet, but as they do, i'll post as much as I can.

The Sabonis forum to is your best bet for the latest on all this.


THURSDAY MAY 29 2003 02:15pm PST

Its becoming more and more certain as the day progresses. Check out this link from Besides OregonLive, the stateside media seems to be ignorant of this fact.

Send me your thoughts (, what do you think about all this?


THURSDAY MAY 29 2003 08:20pm PST

A couple of US news outlets (both from the Portland area) have picked up the Sabonis news, though there is no new information to be had. Here they are if you want to check them anyways- and KFXO in Oregon.


Click here for news from what may have been Arvydas Sabonis' last NBA season.